Tahoe Teddy Bear Picnic is a popular community event for families with young children.


Kids and their teddy bears visit arts & crafts, game, and activity stations, such as Bear Birthday Party, Camping, Construction, Face Painting, Doctor Check Up, a bounce house, and many more. This event is sure to be a great place to mingle with friends and get to know other families in our community.

Candy Cotton

Bearific Ticket - $35

Entry and a teddy bear, drawstring backpack, and more! 

Candy Cotton

General admission - $15

Entry to the event (children & adults)




Business and Education Sponsors

Picnic table for activity space
Logo on Sponsor Banner displayed at event
Logo and recognition on TCF web pages
Special recognition by MCs at event
Business name listed in newspaper article after the event
Business and brand exposure to 250+ guests
Opportunity to distribute print material on-site

Candy Cotton

Family and Community Donors
$50 - $300

Winnie the Pooh’s
Gold Basket


  • Donations cover entertainment expenses such as live music, bounce house, face painting and/or photo balloon artist.

  • Donor name on sign at entertainment area

  • Recognition on donor wall at the event and TCF Teddy Bear Picnic webpage.

    2 Bearific Tickets*
    2 General Admission Tickets**
    ($100 value)

Paddington Bear’s
Silver Basket

  • Donations cover the cost of food and drinks that will be sold at the event. (Food will be available for purchase at the event.)

  • Recognition on donor wall at the event and TCF Teddy Bear Picnic webpage.

    1 Bearific Ticket*
    1 General Admission Ticket**
    ($50 value)

Yogi and Boo Boo Bear’s Bronze Basket

  • Donations will be used to purchase supplies for our activity stations. (For example - band aids & bandages for the Doctor Station, frosting and sprinkles for the Bear Birthday Party, and art supplies for the craft areas)

  • Recognition on donor wall at the event and TCF Teddy Bear Picnic webpage

    1 General Admission Ticket**
    ($15 value)

Thank you Family & Community Donors!

Ashley Reese, Cady Family, Faxel Family, Karwa-Benediktsson Family, Kim-Lei Family, Leary Family, Anonymous, Marilyn Warren, Warren-Holscher Family, Wong-Bolinger Family

Candy Cotton

We'll miss you!
But you can still support TCF by making a charitable donation!