Member Spotlight: The Gross-Jacobus Family

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Baby Wallace and Charlotte

We love this family. They are kind, and bright, and bring such great energy to our TCF family. Monica and Jonathan moved to Tahoe from Wisconsin when their little girl, Charlotte, was 1 year old. "Moving was difficult but were blessed to have found TCF relatively soon after we arrived," said Monica. Her biggest takeaway from TCF has been the confirmation that she's not alone. "The problems we have are problems that many parents have and have had over many years. In other words, I learned that we are not alone! The TCF community has been invaluable to our family."

They just welcomed a new baby boy into their family this past spring, baby Wallace, and Charlotte is catching on quickly to the benefits of having a baby brother. "Just a few days after we got home from the hospital with Wally, Charlotte tooted and, when we asked her if she had to go potty, she replied without skipping much of a beat, "Wally did it."

When asked what the hardest thing about being parents is for them right now, Monica replied, "Waking up super early every morning and fighting at bedtime. Our children hate to sleep but they really need it!" I think we can all relate... Just another testament to not being alone with a parenting struggle. When asked her favorite thing about parenting right now, she said, "I'd have to say my favorite thing is the singing and dancing. Charlie has made up some original jingles with special dances to go with them. It is SO cute and I'll never get tired of watching her sing dance and play."