Member Spotlight: The Meyer Family

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Molly, Charlotte, Allison, and Grant

Grant and Molly met through Grant’s sister, Tara, when Molly and Tara were in grad school together for speech pathology. Both ladies feel like they got to choose their sister-in-law! In fact, Molly and Tara are more than family now, they're also business partners! They recently opened a private practice together called "Tahoe Speech Therapy."

Grant and Molly moved to Tahoe soon after they got married to be close to Laurean, TCF Founder, and Chuck while they started their family. They have two daughters who are less than two years apart, Charlotte and Allison. Both girls have grown up with TCF as a huge part of their lives.

Molly says, "TCF has provided so much of the daily structure in our home that we would be lost without it. Our most frequently used TCF skill is "finding calm." This technique is used multiple times a day to help our girls identify their emotions and self-soothe. We could not have survived the last five years without TCF. The parenting classes, play time, and social interactions for the girls and us as parents have been so important to our lives!"