Member Spotlight: The Bargenquast Family

Morgan and Brett with Reagan

Morgan and her husband, Brett, met in high school in Des Moines, IA but didn't start dating until after college. They moved out to CA shortly after and then moved to Incline 5 years ago where they started a family! Their sweet baby girl, Reagan, just turned 1, so she's on her way to the Toddler 1 class at TCF! "Reagan is learning to walk so we’re getting our exercise chasing her around the house," Morgan told us, "we both share the responsibilities of taking care of Reagan since we work from home. Such a big help having Dad around!"

Their family has a really fun tradition they've kept up ever since Reagan was 1 week old. Every Friday morning they go have breakfast at the same spot together! Curious which one? Ask them in class! I'm sure they'll spill the beans. ;)

We are so happy to have the Bargenquast family at TCF. When asked about one of their biggest takeaways from TCF, Morgan replied, "There’s not just one takeaway for me. The support, confidence, and knowledge TCF has given me has been priceless. I can’t thank Laurean and TCF enough!! So glad we joined this amazing organization." They'll see you in class!