Member Spotlight: Karwa-Benediktsson Family

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

John and Raj with their children Jaiden and Reya

Raj is our fearless, dedicated, warm-hearted Board President here at TCF. She works tirelessly to support the inner-workings of keeping our non-profit thriving and a permanent fixture in our community.

How has TCF benefited your family?

There are so many ways TCF has benefited my family. We have learned everything from dealing with diaper rashes to building strong sibling relationships. Recently, my husband decided to build a wooden paddle-board. This took weeks of really strenuous effort. Over breakfast, in the middle of the process, Jaiden, my son, turned to my husband and told him to go work on the paddle board and that “after you are done, you will be proud daddy.” TCF teaches parents how to make kids proud of themselves. That lasts a lot longer than just our approval or praise. This moment is when I knew that my kids were really benefiting from being empowered. I fought back tears as I imagined my two-year-old son growing up into someone who understood the importance of self-esteem not only for himself but others around him. I anticipate the ripple of TCF is going to benefit many as my incredible kids grow into incredible adults in our community.

What is your family learning right now?

We have firmly arrived in the three-nager years. Each one of us (including the kids) is digging deeper for patience and calm. It’s definitely a process of self-refinement and lots of deep breaths. 

Interesting fact about your family?

Both my husband and I are pilots and programmers. We hope Reya and Jaiden grow to share our love for all things aviation and technology.