Member spotlight: Hameister Family

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Kevin, Shannon, with twins Mairen and Emmet

Kevin and Shannon Hameister are members of TCF with their 3 year old twins: daughter, Mairen, and son, Emmet.

They are often asked if twins run in their family. Shannon says, "They really do!  Of our maternal cousins, Mairen and Emmet are one of three sets of twins. Also, Kevin has twin brothers. Twins run all over our family! After we found out we were having twins, Kevin and I went out to lunch and just laughed at each other throughout the entire meal."

Kevin and Shannon have always loved to spend time outdoors and now get to share this passion with their kids. It's why they moved here from Southern California and a decision that has brought their family so much joy. You might spot them at "Ducky Trail" on the Tahoe Rim Trail this weekend, as it's one of their favorite weekend traditions to do together. "We love to pack a lunch and spend time just hanging out in the woods. As the kids have gotten older, the hikes get longer!"

Something funny happened in the Hameister house this past year: Christmas lasted well into spring! Shannon shared, "both kids love to dress up, but Emmet especially enjoys his Santa hat and pretending to be a jolly old elf. Emmet wore his Santa hat on hikes and to the store and even introduced himself as Santa, Kris Kringle, and Saint Nick. Mairen had no problem playing along and took on the role of Rudolph."

We love having these creative kids and devoted parents in our TCF Family. Shannon is on the TCF Board and we are so grateful for her support of TCF.  Come meet them in our Toddler II Class!