Member Spotlight: The Harris Family

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Clockwise from left: Mari, River, Nick, and Nova Harris

Anyone that knows this family knows that they bring fun energy to any setting. Mari and Nick are members at TCF with their children River, 3, and Nova, 1, and they are anything but vanilla. "We are all a little intense - whether it's adventures, exercise, food, or play - we tend to push beyond our comfort zones," says Mari. They're a family that loves trying new things together.

On a recent trip to Maine, Nova started imitating animal sounds, most notably, loons. Back home, months later in the car, River noted that the moon was out during the day. Suddenly, Nova cried out, "looo-oooon! Coo-coo-coo!" River tried to explain to her that he saw the moon, not a loon, but every time he said the word "moon" she would make the sound again. "NO NOVA! THE MOON, NOT A LOON!!!" The argument lasted for 20 minutes and continues to this day. 

"With a new toddler and a very opinionated "threenager," we're focusing on showing respect for others and finding solutions that work for everyone," says Mari. They are avid attenders at TCF's parenting classes and play center as a family. Mari said their biggest take-away from TCF is that "no one has all the answers... except Laurean." 

Mari is co-chairing the TCF Fall Fest event this year and we are so grateful for her dedication and hard work to keep TCF in our community. Come meet her and Nick at the event or during regular class time at TCF. You won't regret it!